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Prior to joining USAA, I’ve worked at Pearson Psychometrics Service for 8 years. Throughout my tenure there, I was responsible for leading, supporting, and managing a multitude of projects related to statistical model development, implementation, data manipulation and measurement. This includes models developed in-house and those purchased from vendors.

My research mainly focuses on data science (i.e., Machine learning, statistical modeling, and NLP), psychometrics (i.e., MIRT, equating, norming), and testing development. I have written numerous scientific publications on psychometrics. My favorite projects were developing a R-package in testing equating and norming that were ensure the fairness of the high state assessment.

My wife, Xi and I have two children: Alexander (2016) and Olivia (2020). In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. My hobbies include playing soccer and basketball, swimming, and watching all professional sports-soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. I am a die-hard Florida Gator Fan.


Ou Zhang

Model Analyst & Data Scientist

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