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By Ou Zhang in SAS Programming Coding efficiency

April 5, 2022

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SAS Strong

Figure 1: SAS Strong


I am not a pure SAS user, but my former jobs (Psychometrics and Assessment) required me to be efficient in SAS. So, I decided beef up my SAS programming skills in the 2017.

Key Programming Talk

The Key programming thought are included in my 2018 talk

Write Readable Codes

Figure 2: Write Readable Codes

Talk Link: Writing readable codes

Before you continue reading, I suggest you to go over this talk first.

It covers the key thought of the software development and programming.

Software development life cycle

Figure 3: Software development life cycle

Since I move to different industry, I no longer code in SAS very often. Instead, I usually program in R or Python. But a couple of weeks ago, one of my old friends asked me a SAS trick question, I was glad I can still give her some hints. So, I decide to create a repo at github and hope the materials and contents I collected may help anyone in SAS programming, at least, to some extent.

Back to 2017, I spent a lot time on reading SAS tech white papers. I also spent quite a few time to refactor legacy codes both from my work and my personal toolkit so that it becomes more readable and shorter.

While I was learning, I took some personal notes as well.

Key notes

The Key notes are listed below.

Other source on the internet

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